Jebao RW4 Review

Jebao RW4 Review
Jebao RW4 Review

This is a Jebao RW4 review on design, functionality, and quality. The Jebao RW4 is the newer version of the Jebao WP10 which has a few upgrades like the design and an addition of 5 speed settings.

Before I get started, let me just say I run this on my coralife biocube 29 and I love it. It has been up and running for 14 months now without any complications.


TheĀ Jebao RW4 is average in size with wider grills than most powerheads. Circulating water all day, the wider grills will help reduce the amount of slime and algae build up causing clogs. Mobility of pointing the powerhead is limited to only up and down, which might not be a likable quality if you need to point it left or right. Rather than using suction cups like some powerheads do, this powerhead uses magnets to hold itself up which I feel is way better than suction cups. Overall, I think the design is quite nice.


The functionality of the powerhead is it’s selling point. This powerhead is usually compared to the very expensive VorTech MP10 (which averages over $200) because of the functions that it provides. To start, the powerhead offers 8 speed settings, allowing you to control how fast the water movement in your tank is moving and in which manner (random, slow, slave, master, etc…). Having the ability to wirelessly connect with another Jebao RW4, you can set one up to be the master and the other a slave, and have them work together to create the flow you want in your tank. Overall, I think the functionality of this pump is amazing.


The quality of the powerhead is what you pay for. It’s built strong and is made with the majority being plastic, and the backside with magnets. The magnets are quite powerful and will not fail you. The plug that connects the electrical outlet cord to pump cord is made with a water tight seal which is nice. This helps avoid any electrical problems if a downward drip occurs. Overall, I think the quality is good.

Jebao RW4 Review Analysis

The Jebao RW4 is a great powerhead which I would recommend to anyone looking for a powerhead. So if you like the review, here’s a link to get your Jebao RW-4 Series Wavemaker with Controller

If you really like functionality and gadgets, check out this add-on that you can buy along with your powerhead(s). You can control your Jebao rw4 powerheads easily with your smartphone or tablet using the JBWave.



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