Up2no6ood’s Coralife Biocube 29 Gallon Build


    Below are details that outline information on Up2no6ood’s coralife biocube 29 gallon nano reef tank. If you have any questions or advice for Up2no6ood’s tank or methods, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

    Up2no6ood's Coralife Biocube 29 Gallon

    Biocube 29 Gallon Tank Setup Information

    Tank: Coralife Biocube 29 Gallon
    Lighting: Reefbreeders LED
    Powerhead: Jeabo wp-10
    Heater: Jager 100w heater
    Reactor: Diy gfo reactor
    Auto Top Off System: Aqualifter ato w/ 2.5 gallon reservoir
    Control Unit: Reefkeeper lite w/ 2 pc4s, MLC & RK1
    Fuge Light: Marineland led for rear fuge
    Return Pump: Maxijet 1200
    Skimmer: Tunze 9001

    Water Parameters

    Temperature: 79°F
    Salinity: 1.026
    Alk: 10.5 dkh
    Calcium: 450
    Mag: 1400ppm


    Water Changes: Daily 1/2 gallon water changes.
    Filtration Media Used: Daily Filter pad and floss cleaning. Floss gets changed every other day.
    Supplements: Dose Kalk with ATO, currently 2 tbsp per gallon but adjusted depending on Alk Levels.
    Food: NLS TheraA small fish formula, NLS optimum flake, IO Marine Chips, Custom homemade frozen blender mush.
    Feedings: Fish are fed a mix of foods twice daily. Corals are feed every other day with custom homemade frozen blender mush, Reefchili, Reef-roids. Rock anemones, acans and blastos are target fed. The rest are broadcast fed.

    Lighting Schedule

    Full Spectrum on: 10am
    Blue Lights on: 2pm
    Full Spectrum off and Blue Lights on: 6pm
    Lights Out and Moon Lights on: 9pm
    Moon Lights off: 12am


    King midas
    My clementine
    Pink zippers
    Everlasting gobstopper
    Sunny d
    Whammin watermelon
    Tiger tails
    CC Pink lotus
    S.C big pinkies
    Radioactive dragon eyes
    Tropic ice
    Reverse Gorilla Nipples
    Dragonball z
    Utter Chaos
    CC Sweet n Sours
    CC Pink Horizions
    CC Aussie Starlights
    CC Aussie Rainbows
    WWC Pink krackatoa
    Flaming suns
    Everlasting sunshines
    Pink Constellations
    ReefKoi Dream Krushers
    God of wars
    Red Hornets
    Vamps in drag
    CC Bloodsuckers
    Jedi mindtrick monti
    Yellow brick road favia
    Pimpin paradise favia
    Reeftek starburst cap
    CC Uber blue tenuis
    JF Sour Twist
    CC Uber orange milli
    ORA Purple Bonsai
    Pc rainbow
    Jf Pink Lemon-aid
    ORA Red planet
    ORA Miami Orchid
    WWC Grafted cap
    Tyree Toadstool
    Sunset monti
    JF mystic sunset monti
    Tyree sunset monti
    JF jackolantern lepto
    SC Sunny Delicious pachyserisPurple tip hammer
    Orange wall hammer
    Bi color hammer
    Pink octospawn
    Golden torch
    CC cherry red blastomussa
    CC Stellar blastos
    A few other Cherry Corals blastomussa
    Random acans from Cherry CoralsGsp
    S.C nuclear red Japanese mushroom
    Tyree Green Toadstool Leather
    Tyree Green Toadstool Leather

    Red Planet SPS Coral
    Red Planet SPS Coral

    Side-note: The acans pictured above won the BRS acan spotlight challenge a few months back (2015).


    4 color pink green blue white anemone
    Pink and blue anemone

    Pink Blue Green and White Anemone
    Pink Blue Green and White Anemone

    Pink and Blue Anemone
    Pink and Blue Anemone


    Blue Maxima Clam

    Blue Maxima Clam
    Blue Maxima Clam

    Fish and Invertebrates

    Black onyx clown
    Misbar mohawk clown
    Bangai cardinal
    Cleaner Shrimp

    1 Month Old

    Coralife Biocube 29 Gallon Aquascape
    Coralife Biocube 29 Gallon Aquascape

    2 Months Old

    Coralife Biocube 29 Gallon Update 1
    Coralife Biocube 29 Gallon Update 1

    10 Months Old

    Coralife Biocube 29 Gallon Update 2
    Coralife Biocube 29 Gallon Update 2

    1 Year and 5 Months Old

    Coralife Biocube 29 Gallon Update 2
    Coralife Biocube 29 Gallon Update 2


    1. Wow. That looks amazing! Great tank. I hope mine looks like this one day. Absolutely beautiful. If you don’t mind me asking…. How much have you put into this tank?

    2. What was your worst experience in the hobby? Have you ever dealt with a bad algae or nuisance problem? How did your corals take it? Great selection in corals by the way.

    3. Can u take some pics of ur system..I have a standard 29 bio cube but some of my corals aren’t as happy..I’d like to upgrade and like ur tank..I’m just a Lil nervous to do it without seeing what it should look like.


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